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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 25, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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a senior administration official now says there is, quote, very little doubt the syrian regime used chemical weapons against civilians. as naval ships move in closer to syria to be ready for possible military response. we have the very latest. plus, don't mess with texas. despite a new lawsuit, senator john cornyn says they are way out of line when it comes to the state's new voter id law. he joins us live. and a rising baseball star and world war ii veteran killed and in each case the suspects are black teenagers. how the case has been playing in the mainstream media. and the running of the bulls right here in the u.s. i'm shannon bream. we start right now. amid the
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administration's growing belief that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against civilians, president obama has asked the department of defense to prepare a variety of military options in response to the situation in syria. at least two senators are also calling for military action. elizabeth prann is following the latest on that. >> hi, shan n no. president obama and the international community has said the damage has been done. this as they agreed to allow inspectors to the outskirts of the city of damascus where the alleged chemical weapons were deployed. a senior u.s. official says it leads to a lack of credibility which begs the question what action if any will the president make? the officials say the president is waiting to make an informed decision about how to respond. some lawmakers say it is time to take action now. >> we have to act rather quickly. i think the horrific killings of people, murdering his own
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people and he has been doing it for awhile now, but obviously the gas that was used to kill his own people, i think we have to respond. rehave to respond in -- we have to respond in conjunction with our allies. >> four destroyers have been positioned in the eastern mediterranean. yet there is no decision yet about what these ships will do. critics say this may not be enough. >> just standing off and throwing a few missiles and dropping a few bombs on key targets is like what we in the military call a feel good bombing. it gives the president the ability to say he has done something, perhaps make america feel better. but in terms of degrading the syrian army to attack its own people in this civil war, i don't think much is going to come out of it. >> according to the media reports, the rebels say a failure of decisive action by the u.s. and its alliesen boldens president assad's regime. and they say they have received shipments of weapons since the alleged chemical
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attack. shannon, back to you. >> thank you so much. and joining us now to talk more about the u.s. options in this on going civil war, chairman of the board for the institute of civil war. the retired 4 star general, good to see you. >> before we talk about our options, let's talk about the fact that it sounds like syria is going to cooperate with u.n inspectors and giving them access to the sites in question on monday. how important do you think that is? >> i think it is a good thing. i think they will find out what we already know by doctors examining the videos and doctors on the scene that this is actually a chemical attack. the more difficult thing is who did it and the testimony that we have from people in the area say that the regime used rockets to do this attack and then have to find those witnesses. that may take a longer period of time. quite frankly, i don't think we need it. given the fact we had a wmd issue not verified very well during the iraq build up, and
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we have intelligence services on the ground who could do a lot of the fact finding for us. i assume they are already doing that and i hope the administration comes from the conclusion more rapidly than what the u.n does that this in fact chemical attack delivered by assad's regime. >> we know that naval ships are moving into the area. what could that mean? what potential options does it provide for us? >> it gives us a range of options with something we call precision guarding the standoff weapons. i don't believe we would conduct an attack that would include penetration of the syrian airspace by aircraft. we would have to take down its air defense to do that. let's take that off the table. i don't believe we would put ground forces on the ground to seize and secure the chemical weapon site. we have said from the beginning that ground forces are not going to be able to take that off the table. what this leaves us is a limited standoff attack using surface ships, cruise
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missiles, submarines, cruise missiles and precision guided missals from airplanes all flying below the radar and the air defense system at targets inside syria of military value. my concern about it, shannon, it will be more of a statement attack. it really will not significantly degrade the military capability of the assad regime and it will be more to restore the president's credibility. i think we should use it as a window of opportunity to take down and destroy a military capability that assad has as an example, his air power which we could do. >> the syrian information officer says if the u.s. military gets involved, he used the word intervention. he said there will be serious fallout and it will be a ball of fire that will inflame the middle east. we don't know if he means troops on the ground or the intervention he suggested we could carry out from a distance, but strong words there. >> yes. let's look at assad.
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he is very calculating. why did he even use these chemical weapons? the fact of the matter is they were used in an eastern suburb of damascus called guta. in guta they have made advancements successfully. assad tried to dislodge them using artillery, mortars, rockets and air power, unsuccessfulful. unsuccessful. they just received a shipment of weapons, not from us, but jordan. this is a military target he sees of military value. we attack him. what course of action does he have? i don't think he would do anything immediately because he does president want another reattack by the united states. he will always keep chemical weapons in his kit bag. when he sees the opportunity to use them because he needs it for military value, he will use it it again. >> quickly, what do you make of russia's warnings warning the u.s. don't jump to conclusions ahead of the u.n inspec 1k3 -- inspection
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saying mistakes have been made in the past? >> syria is their ally in the region. they are arming the syrians and they are providing training and assistance to the syrians. they are all in in protecting the assad reoime. they will do anything politically to stall a u.s. reaction. as would the iranians. >> always appreciate your insights. thank you. >> good to see you, shannonment. the killing of the australian student by teenagers who police uh ready coulding to them has said they were bored. was it a hate crime? the district attorney is weighing in and we will get the latest from peter doocy. >> and we are hearing from the governor of oklahoma, mary fallin, who responlded this morning to calls from -- who responded this morning to calls from australians about a boycott to tourism to say a message -- send a message about american gun control laws. >> i don't think this issue is about gun control. it is an issue about murder. it is an issue about three
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young men who did something very terrible to a very innocent bystander that was jogging through his community. it is very unfortunate what has happened. i certainly understand that australia is very upset. people in oklahoma are very upset too. >> governor fallin says it would be a nice gesture for president obama to publicly address chris lane's murder the same way he addressed the nation about teenager trayvon martin's death. also this morning the district attorney in stevens county, oklahoma described the mood of one suspect, 15-year-old james edwards, when he was hauled into the police station for booking. edwards was apparently dancing and doing twirls and treating the whole situation as a joke. now this is the same suspect who tweeted in april, quote, 90% of white people are nasty, hash tag, hate them. the d.a. says so far no evidence of a racial motivation behind this crime.
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>> the reason that i am not going to be treating this as a hate crime is as far as the evidence goes that is directly linked to the murder of christopher lane, there is nothing inside the files and the audio and the reports that we have been given that would lead us to believe that christopher lane was killed simply because of his nationality or because of his race. >> edwards and another suspect charged with first degree murder could go to jail for the rest of their lives without parole. the death penalty is not an option because of their ages, shannon, just 15 years old and 16 years old. >> thank you so much, peter. there is plenty more to talk about in this case and whether it was motivated by race or hate. we will have a fair and balanced look about half past the hour with our panel. stay tuned for that. the doj is squaring off for a showdown with the state of texas for the new voter id law. in a statement attorney general eric holder says, quote, we will not allow the supreme court's recent
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decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue measures that suppress voting rights. is that what texas is trying to do? joining us is the republican from texas, senator john cornyn. thank you for injoing us. >> good to see you, shan n no. >> your response to the lawsuit, the doj went on to say that basically the motive behind this law was to discriminate. are. >> it is deeply depressing and i think cynical of the attorney general who seems to be stuck in 1965 and doesn't realize the great progress we have made, thank goodness, toward the aspiration we had when our country was founded for equal justice under the law. in fact, in 2012, african-americans voted in a higher percentage than the white vote in texas. we have come a long, long way and we should be celebrating that while making sure we maintain our vigilance under section 2 of the voting rights act to make sure this national standard is applied so every
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american citizen gets the right to vote. >> and people understand that there has been some miss information and confusion about what the supreme court decided. they didn't wipe out the voting act. they got pre cleared for making changes to the voting rights and the voting laws. the chief justice wrote that a lot has changed since 1965. >> absolutely. it covered about nine states. the chief justice and the supreme court recognized that a lot had changed and thank goodness for that. this is a deeply depressing to see the chief law enforcement officer in the country use par partisan politics and that's all it is to drive a wedge between americans based on race and ethnicity. it is sad because we have come a long way. obviously we elected barack obama president of the united states. the attorney general himself is representative of the progress we have made. in texas we have elected statewide officials who are hispanic, african-american and it is happening up and down the ballot and around the
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country. i think i share many of the views i read governor bobbie jindli has made history in louisiana since martin luther king made that speech years ago about being judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. >> you have been active making sure military men and women overseas during elections that their vote counts. can you update us on that? >> i worked with senator chuck schumer which i disagree on most things on, but we agree on this. i think this is something people ought to be happy about that we are making great progress. i was deeply disturbed to see how many military voters deployed overseas were disenfranchised by the archaic and cumbersome process. we made great progress, but we need additional improvements to make sure our efforts at the national level aren't thwarted by people dragging their feet at the state level. we are working on mu
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legislation to build on what we have done in the past. >> we followed that and we want you to keep us updated on that. i want to give you a chance to respond to criticism on a couple of points. the issue about obamacare. when you are formally back, there is debate on whether or not the effort to de fund or stop obamacare should be tied to approving new funding to ep could the government going. you have taken heat over this because folks felt you were on board with the potential of tieing the two together. now maybe not thinking it is the greatest idea. tell us where you are. >> i opposed obamacare since i cast a vote on christmas eve. which in a party line that was jammed down the throats of the american people. i think i sponsored by last count 27 different pieces of legislation to repeal. it de fund it, dismantle it, delay it. i am a co-sponsor of my colleague senator ted cruise's bill to de fund it.
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we have to realize what is practical and what can be accomplished through this continuing resolution exercise. it is really not possible unfortunately and this is a difference about tam particulars and not -- tactics and not about the goal. it is impossible to suggest that the president will sign legislation repealing in affect his signature legislative accomplishment. as bad as it is in my view, the president is not going to do it and nor is harry reid and the democratic majority going to pass it and that is what will be required. you can shutdown the federal government if you thought that would be a good idea, but because of mandatory spending obamacare will continue to be funded. i think this is a among family about tactics and not about the goal. >> also, august is a time that most folks are home and meeting with the con titch stitch -- constituents and holding town halls. some say they would rather see you in person and they didn't get a chance. what is the story on the town hall? >> i have been back in texas. i just came back to dc.
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i will be heading out again tomorrow. i am happy to meet with my constituents. i represent 26 million people. i can't be everywhere at one time. one of the things we have found that works pretty well is to leverage technology to reach out to literally 100,000 people on a given evening. but this is a supplement and not a replacement for face-to-face meetings. i represented the people of my state for a longtime. they know me. i think i know them pretty wellment but it always pays to go -- to listen and to learn and to make sure that you are on the right track. so we are using every means possible to do that. >> we know you are busy so thank you for making time to visit with us. great to see you, senator. >> great to be with you. >> most members are going back home during august and they are holding town halls or tele town halls to get feedback from constituents. we want to hear from you. did your senator have a meeting of any kind? if so did you attend? if not did you complain? tweet your answers to at
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shannon bream and you will get your answers read on air later this hour. firefighters in yosemite national park have their hands full again today with the wildfire that has grown to the size of the entire city of chicago. now some of nature's oldest and most precious treasures are being threatened. a grove of giant sequoia trees that date back centuries. firefighters are getting a helping hand from the weather let's check in with dana. >> hi, shan n no, unfortunately we are dealing with dry, warm and gusty conditions that are not helping firefighters in this vulnerable area. 77 as your daytime high, but wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and because this fire is so big it can be very erratic and actually create its own weather conditions and its own weather gusts, the gusts of wind. firefighters will have to be careful trying to contain this and the mountainous terrain.
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it is rough to get in there. on monday the winds calm down a little bit. but it is only 7% contained. we think it is going to be with us certainly for much of the workweek. shannon, take a look here. we have over 50 fires burning across the west including the latest in yosemite. we will track itment back to you. >> a tough situation. thank you very much. a battle is brewing over the administration. planning to fund planned parenthood to help with obamacare. and a 72-year-old man suspected of going on a shooting rampage that left at least two people dead. what may have lead to that shooting coming up. and from destroying homes and churches to murder, christians across the middle east are being targeted. we'll look at what is happening and who is responsible.
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egyptian officials say the case against muslim brotherhood leaders accused of the killing of protestors in june has delayed by a cairo court until october. hearings have been scheduled today. meanwhile, hosni mubarak was
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in court in connection with the killings of protestors in the 2011 uprising. he was released on thursday on house arrest as he waits for his retrial. attacks on coptic churches in egypt and they blame morsi's overthrow. some muslims and christians and egyptians living in the u.s. are sending a different message, one of peace and tolerance. it is good to see you on this hopefully positive story in the midst of all that has gone wrong. >> it is, shannon. with everything going on this is a positive story. 6,000 miles from jersey city, new jersey muslims and coptic christians stand united for democracy. >> we ask them, how do we live together in peace. we don't do it on purpose. it comes naturally. >> coptic christian has lived in jersey city for the last 27 years.
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>> you have a very friendly relationship with our brothers the muslim. they come into our festivals. we go to their ramadan. >> but attacks on more than 40copth ic christian churches strain the community. >> there has been a lot of agony and people are very alarmed with this and who are praying. >> praying for people like coptic christian salib. two of his cousins were murdered this week. >> each of them shot in the head , directly in the head. >> salib is angry, but as old and new tensions threaten to erupt, some egyptian immigrants refuse to give in. >> the churches we can rebuild them. what we need is the real justice taking place. the real democracy taking place. the real freedom taking place. >> the muslim brotherhood -- the muslims are protecting the
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church. the muslim brotherhood, they come and they try to defend the churches. >> muslim egyptian leader hopes jersey city can inspire egypt to continue rallying for democracy. >> we want to give an example to everybody. we want to give example of how the egyptian community live in america and how they work with each other and how they understand each other. >> a community standing strong despite attempts by the muslim brotherhood to divide. shannon? >> thank you very much. will the u.s. military step in and take some action in syria? defense secretary chuck hagel says they are getting ready for duty. that story is coming up. and why some murders raise questions about racial motivations while others may not. we'll see how they are handling it in the mainstream media. a fair and balanced debate is coming up next.
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there are growing questions over the allegations of chemical attacks in syria, but we maybe about to get some fresh answers. peter doocy is standing by with the top stories. >> there is little doubt the syrian regime is behind the alleged chemical attack that killed hundreds this past week near damascus. but the syrian government disputes that and has agreed no you to let the united nations weapons inspectors in to take a look and mistakes are huge. the united states government is laying a -- weighing a military response and chuck hagel says they will be ready if needed. it doesn't look like firefighters near yosemite national park will get much help from the weather today. a wildfire the size of the city of chicago is raging out of control and threatening some 5500 homes. some giant sequoia trees could also be in danger.
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a shooting spree at five different sites in a small florida town has left three people at a trucking company dead including the gunman who is a long-time employee. police believe 72-year-old hubert allen drove around union county, florida killing both his boss and a co-worker and leaving two others wounded before killing himself. the big question is what set that man off? and now you don't have to travel all the way to spain if you want to be chased around by a bunch of bulls. hundreds turned out are to the great bull run yesterday in virginia and were chased by about 30 bulls over a quarter mile course. this was the first of nine bull running events that promoters are staging nationwide. and those are the top stories right now, shannon, back to you. >> the red cape and the red t-shirt always a good choice in the running of the bulls. >> and they were just right across the river in virginia which is why i have gone with very earthy colors. >> you are pretty
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adventurous. would you do it? >> i don't want my mom to have a heart attack. don't know. >> don't listen. we'll chat later. the murder of australian student christopher lane while he was jogging on an oklahoma street by teenagers who according to police say they were borde has shaken the state to its core. that's according to governor mary fallin. was it a hate crime? they don't think so. despite hate-filled tweets sent by james edwards. >> in the state of oklahoma our hate crime statute out is a misdemeanor and i believe it is more important for us to focus on the death of christopher lane than it is to focus on the hate and the -- and whatnot that edwards has spewed. >> three teenagers, it is unbelievable and fathomable that they would even have a thought in their mind to gun down somebody who is so innocent, just taking a jog through the community. >> the shooting in oklahoma is sparking conversations about crime and race.
9:32 am
two of the oklahoma shooting suspects are black. police say the third is white. the other case we have been talking about involves world war ii veteran del beret -- delbert. he was beat to death in a parking lot. in both cases the victim was white. joining us was radio host allen and chris. allen, race is becoming a hot topic in this country. that's no secret. this year alone lots of focus because of the trayvon martin case. is it fair to have the same conversation in the context of these two most recent cases? >> i don't think they are equivalent at all. for one thing, the authorities in the second case, the oklahoma case, have said that it is not about race. they don't think it is racial. it was a mixed race crime. the attempt on the partwas of the conservatives, particularly white conservatives to desperately find some kind of y equivalency as a false dye cot
9:33 am
me. they are very different situations. in one case -- in oklahoma the gun was illegal. they caught the guys right away. in trayvon martin's case there was questions about whether they could bring charges at all. this falsie equivalency is an attempt to keep score as if we have to find a white victim too. >> chris, the fbi did investigate in the trayvon martin case and george zimmerman and after its investigation they said there was no race motivation in that particular case. in this case of course people will ask questions even though the authorities hearsay they do not believe at this point -- they are investigating whether race was an issue or not. we have the teens -- we have the tweet usa ledgedly from one of the teens charged with murder in the christopher lane case saying he hated white people. fair to have that conversation or are you jumping ahead to say race may have played a factor? >> you know, when you have the tweets as we have in this case making it clear that one of the perpetrators who is black carried out four months after
9:34 am
this obviously racially biased tweet. let's be gentle with this. to randomly murder a white guy walking down the street, jogging down the street, there is an obvious racial come pone -- component there that did not exist in the trayvon martin/george zimmerman case that was conjured up as a race issue by the new york times at first and then president obama jumped in. the democrats capitalized on it because the democrats saw it as an opportunity for them to do what they do and that is to polarize the country along, in this case, the lines of race. they like to polarize this along lines of class and gender and religion. here is the reality. there is a you lot -- we have a murder problem, a homicide problem in this country. and it is overwhelmingly in the black community. the reyament is according to "washington post" analysis the bureau of justice staw particular stz -- statistics
9:35 am
that the white murder race -- rate is on par with scandinavia and the black murder rate is 15 times as high as the white murder rate. if we didn't go around calling each other racists and hurling insults at one another, we would actually be having a serious adult conversation about that. that is a very real problem. was there a race component in this? obviously because of the tweet. you can draw that conclusion. with the 88-year-old world war ii veteran, is president obama going to come out and say that if his grandfather were still alive he would look like belton? i think not. there is no political gain in it for president obama. >> let's bring allen back in. i want to read a piece written in the "wall street journal" referencing the debate we are not having and how they are calling for this to be potentially a bigger conversation about young
9:36 am
people, about the trouble and the challenges young african-american men face in this country. saying if only mr. sharpton and his fellow black leaders paid attention to what was missing in the lives of those three teenagers maybe president obama will use this as one of his teachable moments. allen, is there a positive conversation to be have on that front? >> i hope we are having one. it is disingeneral us with to take we shouldn't be talking about race in the trayvon martin case, but okay to talk about race in the case of oklahoma. there were people -- there were statements made by zimmerman that would indicate a racial bias. to say i can talk about it in this case, about you not the other case is disingeneral us with. the attempt to findy equivalency is pathetic and sick. the score keeping is that be have to make sure that we prove blacks commit crimes too and whites are victims to show that white guy rtz good guys more often than not and that is a sad and unfortunate conversation. >> and no one is saying that,
9:37 am
but you that i have heard. >> good, i am glad i can speak alone. >> george zimmerman said that made you to believe he is racist? i can talk about all of the reasons george zimmerman is not a racist. democrats and liberals created an entirely new category called the white-hispanics so they can turn it into a racially charged -- >> she white-hispanic. >> the structure of the democratic party is race-based. the coalitions are race-based. it is the black constituency and the latino constituency and then gender of course the female constituency. they have to stoke the flames of discon at the present time to keep the base fired up. that's what the democrats do. >> that's what you are doing. you are using the death of chris lane to fire up your base and you are guilty of the same thing. you are accusing democrats of that. >> gentlemen, we have to leave it there. we know this is an on going,
9:38 am
continuing conversation. we could have a whole two hours on this and maybe we will at some time. thank you both for weighing in on this very difficult topic. >> thank you. >> see you soon. the president promised his health care law would not in anyway fund abortion. but that apparently doesn't mean abortion providers won't get some obamacare cash. how much money is going to planned parenthood, coming up. sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less with bounty select-a-size.
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9:43 am
the university of virginia and ups told their employees they are no longer offering spousal coverage to most of those who are able to obtain insurance elsewhere. that means thousands of americans will likely have to change their health plans and their doctors. we told you how the obama administration is pulling out all the stops to promote its health care law. molly henneberg talks about how your money is going a controversial organization to help sell the law. >> planned parenthood in montana, new hampshire and washington, d.c. will get about $1 million taxpayer dollars to help clients enroll in new obamacare health insurance programs. but they say president obama promised no obamacare money would go to abortion services, and planned parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country. gop lawmakers contend that there is no way to verify how planned parenthood spends the money. >> you have the rent. you have the utilities and the staff in the same building.
9:44 am
how is it you separate that money and say, oh by the way, we are only using it for this service and not for that service when both of those services are being provided in the same building and by each affiliate. jay but planned parenthood says it will use the money to reach uninsured americans. and that, quote, these grants will enable local planned parenthood affiliates to help people enroll in new, more affordable insurance plans. it covers preventive care, maternity care and emergency care. these grants have nothing to do with abortion and won't be used for abortion services. congresswoman black is not convinced. she introduced a bill to stop this type of grant money, earmarked to prevent obamacare from going to planned parenthood or any other organization. shannon? >> molly, thank you. and don't miss a special edition of huckabee with governor mike huck huckabee here on the fox newschannel. he will go beyond politics to answer your questions about obamacare. still to come, a melbourne, australia community
9:45 am
pays respects to baseball player chris lane. and next the federal government in your kitchen. why regulators have their sights set on your microwave oven in the latest regulation nation move. .
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official says today there is, quote, little doubt the syrian regime used chemical weapons against civilians. the u.s. intelligence committee based it on their symptoms and witness accounts. the team will investigate the reported chemical attack tomorrow. friends and family and former baseball teammates of christopher lane gathered in melbourne, australia to remember the baseball player shot and killed in oklahoma last week. the 22-year-old was killed in a drive by shooting while jogging on a street in the small town of duncun. three teenagers have been charged in connection with his murder. and trouble for trump. new york's attorney general is suing donald trump for $40 million. trouble for trump. new york's attorney general is suing donald trump saying the real estate mogul's trump university promised to make students rich but instead steered them into expensive and
9:50 am
they claim mostly useless seminars. trump shot back saying the lawsuit is false and politically motivated. in just the past 90 days 6,567 newly federal regulations have been posted to the government's website one that gets a lot of attention is your microwave. joining us to explain is matt lewis from the daily caller. good to see you today, matt. we need guidance and help purchasing the socially conscience microwaves. there's a rule about that now. >> about a month or so ago the obama administration put out these new regulations on microwaves to make them more energy efficient. it will essentially raise the cost of microwaves, which probably will hit the poorest americans a little bit
9:51 am
disproportionately. you could calm l it a regressiv tax. tucked into the microwave bigger that could have a huge impact. something called raising the social cost of carbon. >> essentially they're putting a cost on what we're doing to the environment by using different things including microwaves. but it's important where the government sets that cost measure. my understanding is they didn't consult congress on this. they picked a number and set it themselves. >> there's a lot of problems with this. the first is it's completely unilateral. president obama said in the state of the union i will act alone on the environment. and he has. this obviously has not had any congressional approval. yet another example of the obama administration forcing through a liberal agenda. on top of that, it's also a very arbitrary number. they've essentially said the social cost of capital 50 years from now, the damage done by microwaves will be x numbers of dollars. it's impossible to quantify that. it could be whatever the
9:52 am
regulators say. at the end of the day it's going to raise the cost of everything. not just microwaves. it could prohibit things like the xl pipeline from being built. >> the interesting thing, when regulators come up with a federal regulation, they have to put a price tag on it. a cost benefit analysis. we're talking billions of dollars for a lot of these regulations to be enacted. if you hike up that cost of the social cost of carbon, that's going to change the whole calculus on these regulations and whether you can justify them and say, yep, the benefit out weighs what it's going to cost to business or an individual american homeowner to comply so it's good to go. >> exactly. whether it's a new, you know, coal fired power plant to generate, you know, energy for america or the, you know, keystone pipeline, whatever it is, there's a cost associated to it. before they build it, they say it's going to cost x billions numbers of dollars. that's really contingent on this social cost of capital. so it's entirely arbitrary.
9:53 am
depending on who you ask it should be either, you know, $10 for a metric ton of carbon or $100. and so we're really leaving it up to these regulators, not congress, to decide what things ought to cost. again, it's -- it's an example of congress is completely out of the equation. the american public's opinion doesn't matter. costs keep going up. >> super quickly, why should we care about regulators and the power they have? >> at the end of the day every single thing we do, whether it's electricity, whether it's a microwave, they have the power to determine it. and they have almost, you know, unilateral authority to do whatever they want. there's very little we can do to stop it, actually. it's quite amazing. >> that's why we have to pay attention. thank you, matt, for giving us this week's regulation nation. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. small businesses, of course, are vital to the communities they serve. even more so when those businesses are serving our veterans. stick around. we're going to tell you why this
9:54 am
coffee shop is getting the boot from a veterans hospital in sacramento. so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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9:56 am
test test test test test test.
9:57 am
stern warnings from syria, russia and iran saying u.s. intervention in syria could lead to chaos in the middle east. the heated words come as a senior u.s. administration official says there is, quote, little doubt that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people.
9:58 am
we'll have the very latest on this growing crisis in a live report. america number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin now with the death of a 22-year-old australian college student shot dead in oklahoma while out for a jog. it's raising questions about whether it should be labeled a hate crime. more on what oklahoma officials are now saying. >> there are a lot of emotional issues surrounding the murder of australian baseball player chris lane. we're now hearing that the suspects were possibly motivated by boredom, which is part of the reason oklahoma's governor mary fallon thinks that calls for stricter gun control laws are misplaced. >> i don't think this issue is about gun control. it's an issue about murder. it's an issue about three young men who did something very
9:59 am
terrible to a very innocent bystander that was jogging through his community. and it's very unfortunate what has happened. and i certainly understand that australia is very upset. people in oklahoma are very upset, too. >> governor fallin also thinks it would be a, quote, nice gesture for president obama to address chris lane's murder in the same way he talked about trayvon martin's death. meanwhile, one of the suspects, 15-year-old james edwards, is said to have danced and joked his way through the booking process at the police station. this is the same 15-year-old who tweeted back in april, quote, 90% of white people are nasty. #hatethem. but the district attorney in stevens county, oklahoma, saying that right now race is not a factor in the investigation. >> the reason i'm not going to be treating this as a hate crime is as far as the evidence goes
10:00 am
that is directly linked to the murder of christopher lane there's nothing inside the files and the audio and the reports that we've been given that would lead us to believe that christopher lane was killed simply because of his nationality or because of his race. >> two of the three suspects in this case are being charged with first degree murder. but they will not face the death penalty because they're too young. just 15 and 16 years old. their maximum penalty, shannon, is live in prison without the possibility of parole. >> all right, peter. thank you for the update. an all out man hunt is under way in spokane, washington, for 16-year-old keenan adams kenard. still at large in the fatal beating of 88-year-olxxxviii-ye world war ii veteran delbert belton. one teen is in custody. police are asking for help. they want the public to weigh in
10:01 am
and help them find adams kynard. president obama is now considering his military options to deal with the worsening situation in syria. defense secretary chuck hagel says the military is ready if needed. it's been an eventful week with two senators calling for action. >> hi, shannon. the syrian regime says u.n. inspectors can now come in and investigate any evidence of chemical weapons outside the city of damascus as early as tomorrow. the international community says there's, quote, very little doubt that the chemical weapon was used by the syrian government against civilians. in fact, a senior administration official says the intentional delay translates to a corruption of evidence and a lack of credibility, which begs the question, what action, if any, will the administration make? the official went on to say the president is waiting to make an informed decision about how to respond. some lawmakers say it's time to take action now. >> we have to respond much, i
10:02 am
think, as was done in libya with the nato allies. and i think that we cannot afford to sit back and wait. >> we have allowed this to fester. we've had a wait and see policy and hoping for the best. and we had a time to support moderate forces in toppling the assad regime, and we failed to do that. now we have no good outcome. >> media reports the rebels say a failure of decisive action by the u.s. and allies emboldens president bashar assad's regime. they also report rebels have received shipments of weapons since wednesday's alleged chemical attack. but there's a group of lawmakers who say they really need to act out of abundance of caution before any moves are made. >> we have to verify that it was directed by the assad regime. that will allow us to build an international coalition which is absolutely necessary to take any further steps in syria. >> according to senior u.s. defense officials, four destroyers have been positioned in the eastern mediterranean.
10:03 am
but there's no word on any decision about what they will do with these ships. shannon, back to you? >> elizabeth, thank you very much. one of the stories that's sometimes getting buried is the ongoing persecution of coptic christians in egypt. it's nothing new. but fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us today it is far worse as egypt drifts toward civil war. a warning to you, some of the images in this piece may be disturbing. >> reporter: dating back almost two millennia, coptic christians are the oldest christian community in the middle east. but the copts in egypt today find themselves under attack as never before. the reported destruction of 38 churches across the country with attacks on another 23 on top of that said by advocacy groups to reflect indifference on the part of military and police forces
10:04 am
and the ve-- >> there are 12 million. there are more copts living in cairo than palestinians living in gaza. >> reporter: the coptic pope was among the religious and lay figures who appeared alongside general al sisi. in condemning the post-morsi persecution of christians obama administration spokesmen appear careful always to balance it with displays of concern for muslims. >> we have been concerned and condemned the violence that was perpetrated by the government against peaceful protesters p and we're just as outraged and just as concerned about reports that christian churches have been torgted. >> we deplore in the strongest terms the reprehensible attacks of over 40 coptic christian churches and other christian institutions. we're also deeply troubled by the suspicion deaths of muslim brotherhood prisoners in a purported prison escape attempt near cairo. >> reporter: in northwestern syria last month, amateur video
10:05 am
purported to show islamist elements among the syrian rebels beheading franciscan father, a catholic priest for allegedly conspireing with the assad regime. >> wherever we see radical islam we see persecution of christians. christians. type of religion. i think it's one of the largest under reported human rights issues in the world today. >> in cairo, a group of nuns was paraded through the streets like prisoners of war. orthodox bram a bit further south sunday prayers were canceled due to the torching of churches for the first time in 1600 years. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> shannon: in louisiana some parents who want to use vouchers to move their kids into better schools are being blocked by eric holder and justice department. ordering the vouchers quote reverse much of the progress made toward
10:06 am
integration. they shouldn't be used in certain school districts. the state school superintendent says that's ridiculous and says the department's move is actually forcing students to stay in failing schools. the 2016 field for the republicans seems to be wide open everyone from rand paul to cruz chris christie and paul ryan being floated as possible contenders. when you look over at the democratic field the one name that seems to stand alone seems to be hillary clinton. who is the democratic's chosen one? is that a good or bad thing for them. joining us is host of power play on fox news dom come the one and only chris starwell good to see you today. >> good to see you. i'm normally talking to you remote. when you are in new york it's great to have you back. >> shannon: it's great to see you in your seersucker glory. >> sucker at least. >> shannon: let's talk about hillary clinton. if i'm a democrat and want to get into 2016 race. i'm not running, not officially declaring today. i think joe biden and there are other folks out there
10:07 am
that would probably like to be considered. is she anointed? is it over? >> well, yes. but and here is the important thing. you remember the republicans in 2012 when they believed anybody could beat barack obama. you remember michele bachmann saying any one of us on this stage could beat barack obama. and in press row you heard a sharp intake of. [gasp] as she said that. any one of us. republicans went through a period of time where anybody could beat barack obama with whom do we want to beat him? and we had santorum and cane and goodrich and bachmann and all of this stuff because republicans thought -- some republicans thought that beating obama would be a lay down hand. now it's democrats' turns to beat this assumption. they believe the republican party because they watch most television stations and read most newspapers. republican party is ruined overdefeated, they are sowing salt in the wounds of the g.o.p. dead forever. anybody could beat ted cruz or anybody could beat rand paul. when will they start
10:08 am
indulging do we really have to have hillary? how long will it take republicans? it's not joe biden it will be liberal democrats. we have already heard from elizabeth warren very liberal senator from massachusetts. howard dean. >> shannon: out to iowa. when will democrats start scratching their liberal itch and saying do we really corporate hillary? do we really want lobbyist friend hillary? do we want the house of clinton back in control of the democratic party with all of their very complicated entanglements? not just the baggage. they have forgiven him about the thing with the thing. >> shannon: i wouldn't have even referred to that thing. >> there is other stuff that refers to their associate. >> shannon: clinton foundation. >> the clintons got oprah rich after leaving the white house, rich, rich, rich, rich. >> shannon: private jet rich. like private jumbo jet. so, for the clintons how they got so rich and all of who their friends and r. and all of the retainers and the hangers on the
10:09 am
people who tried to vend pardons in his last days and all of the ickiness of the associations of the super rich jet setting clintons start to rankle democrats because they know that the consequences corporate, very corporate kind of liberalism, they don't like that. so, as long as they think that the rep bunch of pal triewns the democrats are going to be increasingly willing to engage in clinton hatred and maybe put forward a more liberal choice. >> shannon: i have to go to on the patroon. >> i will tweet it out. because the clinton does have all that money and all those powerful friends. is she unbeatable for the primary? well, she took for granted some of that and was already looking ahead when she got up hend ended in 2008 there is no way a guy named usama bin laden is going to beat me. first term freshman senator no chance. and she got caught napping.
10:10 am
they will not get caught napping this time. they will grind down any if there are any nasaan boom lips out there squash them as hard as they can. come hard and fast after these folks. what they are trying to do now in the house of clinton is try not to -- yes, there are irregularities, yes our friends that we hang out with at the hamptons are super rich and icky stuff. they will will air it out now and then later when it's time to run they will say the clinton thing which is this, oh, that's old news. we already covered all of that. >> shannon: air it out now and get it aired out. >> democratic base that fell in love with barack obama and true blue liberalism, it's going to be hard for them to suck it up and take a chamber of commerce approved kind of democrat. >> shannon: all right. now, i always feel smarter and better informed having spoken with you and all of our viewers can have the same experience every single morning there is a new thing called fox news first. >> you make a good point now that you mention it. >> yes.
10:11 am
>> it is an easy thing. sign up online. go to fox news. easy. type in email address. click, then in the morning when they are about their day. they have a note from you that covers the water front on all the news and they need to know. >> until they can hear from you midday. we will give everybody what they need to know to get through the morning and know what's on the political landscape and the best of what we are doing here at fox as well as the rest of the political world. we will give it to you for the cost of an email sign up. that's all. >> shannon: super easy and lands in your email inbox in the morning. see you on the interwebs tomorrow. >> you know it. >> it is your turn to weigh in. we have been asking you. did your number or senator have a town hall meeting? if so, did you attend and what happened? if not, did you complain? we have been getting a lot of tweets at home. my rep and one senator have. so, in that district they got the meetings. but not everyone is so lucky. mark says no town halls here. no chance to weigh in. we will read more of your answers later on in the
10:12 am
show. much more to come from washington. the california wildfire threatening some living legends. and the case crusaders getting all kinds of clicks on we will tell you why when we come back. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. new creamy alfredo soup. ♪
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10:16 am
>> shannon: 11-year-old sara murnaghan is off oxygen and breathing on her own. you will remember 11 months ago sarah who was cystic fibrosis fought to secure a spot on the lung transplant list. the first transplant did not take and another transplant was performed. she is doing well and off oxygen for the first time in two years. >> the most clicked stories on this weekend run the gamut from kid free zones on airplanes to a bizarre shooting spree in florida. peter doocy has your round up. peter? >> shannon, police in florida say a 72-year-old man went on a shooting spree that left three dead, including the gunman, two others were injured. these five shootings though all took place in separate locations across union county, florida. and police said long-time trucker hubert allen ended
10:17 am
it by killing himself. allen's boss and a coworker died in the shooting. police either aren't saying or don't know why he did it. here's one many of us can relate to. have you ever been on a plane with a screaming kid? well, now scoot airlines, a subis i dear of singapore airlines is giving you a new option, you pay an extra 14 bucks and upgrade to their special child-free cabin and enjoy quiet and wider seats as well. and this one has a lot of you talking. the world of social media is fired up about the news that the director of the next batman movie has picked ben affleck to be the caped crusader. we have gotten a lot of tweets about. this joseph writes i would have went with bradley cooper, karl urban or guy pierce. josh says his choice would be the rock. and another viewer says i like ben as the caped crusader. we have also got a poll from shows 34%
10:18 am
of you picked christian bale as your favorite batman while ben affleck was trailing and george clooney 11% apiece. shannon? >> shannon: peter you are not on the list. can we vote for you? >>. no people know that i'm just a crime fighter billionaire. i don't need a disguise. >> shannon: all right. no costume for peter. thanks. >> thanks. >> shannon: small coffee business in sacramento is in jeopardy of being booted out by the government in favor of a corporate competitor. legally blind owner who has been selling cups of joe to veterans for years is not giving up without a fight. claudia cowan has the story. >> president obama calls small businesses the backbone of our economy. >> he they're the force behind our free enterprise system and that preenterprise system is the greatest engine of growth and prosperity the world has ever known. >> ken gilmore is among dozens of contractors going out of business because of the government. his coffee shop, along with dozens of others that operate in veterans hospitals across the nation
10:19 am
are being replaced with a federally run chain called patriot brew. after 15 years of serving up java and friendly banter, he is out at the end of the month. >> that's much larger than a small coffee shop going out of business. it's a shot to our veterans, the care of our veterans, a concern for our veterans. it's 160 other coffee shops nationwide. >> administrators with veterans affairs say eliminating mom and pop shops and handling coffee services themselves will save money and result in a more consistent assortment of snacks and beverages including starbucks brand coffees. their statement goes on to say, quote, the coffee shop conversions have been well-received by employees, veterans, and their families at locations where it has been introduced. but gilmore says the switch will mean higher prices than the $1 a cup he charges while this navy vet says he will miss the man more than the coffee. >> get more therapy in talking with ken than i do going to the ptsd groups that i attend.
10:20 am
supportersther supreme wonder if the new federal ba his stas will offer as much service as ken gilmore did for more than a decade. 800 people signed a petition to let him stay open, but there has been no response from the va which is moving ahead with dozens more coffee shop conversions. in sacramento, claudia cowan, fox news. >> shannon: the white house is now weighing military options against syria. we will have the very latest developments on that. plus, the new effort in the fight to stop the president's healthcare law. but will it convince those who are already enjoying the benefits, the good stuff? that's next. time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. [ male announcer ] glucerna. help keep teeth clean and breath play close.fresh and close. with beneful healthy smile food.
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10:24 am
a senior administration official says there is very little doubt the syrian regime used chemical weapons against civilians. based its assessment on the number of victims, their symptoms and witness accounts. a u.n. investigative team will access the site of
10:25 am
last week's reported chemical weapons attack tomorrow. friends, family and former baseball teammates gathered together to remember the former baseball shot and killed last week. he was killed in a drive by shooting while jogging on a small street in duncan. three teenagers have been charged in connection with with his murder. trouble for trump. attorney general suing donald trump for $40 million. the ag says the rae mogul trump university promised to make students rich but instead steered them into expensive and mostly useless sem is as far as. trump shot back saying the lawsuit is false and politically motivated starting january 1st, under the president's affordable care act you will be required to have health insurance or face penalties. a growing number of voices are pushing for delay to the individual mandate calling it the burn your obama care card campaign.
10:26 am
the president and ceo of freedom works joins to us talk about the campaign. they are calling this a draft card. it's going to be a draft card burning that you are calling for. why put it in that terminology? >> it's a met for because you don't get a choice. you are being conscripted into a plan that you didn't choose, you didn't have a voice in that. but all of the sudden, you are going to be faced with this real economic decision to buy this gold plated plan that's specifically designed to cross subsidize people that are older and more wealthy than you are. >> shannon: all right. so what do you do to try to convince people though who are already enjoying benefits from the plan. a lot of good parts of the law that people find to be very positive ask about portions of it the pain is being delayed a little bit though. >> the politics of this are to hide the real cost and the real burdens. that's the point of this campaign is particularly for young people, they need to understand that they are getting a raw deal here.
10:27 am
a lot of them voted for the president. a lot of them thought that healthcare for all was a good thing. but it's gonna be financed on their backs. so they need to step up. they need to make the choice. they need to do the math and figure out for themselves what makes sense and that's the bottom line. the individual mandate forces people to do something. if it's such a good idea. surely they would get a choice do you think they get the math behind this. that was not my measure. break it down even those out there rallying for the president, voted for the president, do if he they get the fact they are going to subsidize those older and less healthy that is if they can be convinced to get the plan. a lot of them will pay the penalty cheaper choice for them. >> they have to sit down at the kitchen table and actually figure out whether or not they are willing to pay that $95 fine or look at various plans. the "wall street journal" just did an interesting study of 10 real live young people in portland, oregon,
10:28 am
faced with those choices. and one young man in particular said having done the math, he would have had to pay $147 a and $6,000 deductible. he said i'm not going to pay for that it comes down to whether or not it's worth it mñ and whether or not i can afford it he made a decision. 8 out of 10 young people made that same decision. >> shannon: we're hearing from a lot of companies across the board uva and u.p.s. and others talking about the fact that they are going to cut or limit spousal coverage if your spouse can find healthcare elsewhere and for a lot of people that may mean going into the exchanges and not keeping the plans and the doctors that they had. i thought it was interesting, forever 21 very popular clothing store. cutting people to 29.5 hours and sure looks like an effort to not miss that 30-hour cap. they were out interviewing folks on the street and people were saying that they were really mad at forever 21. do they not get the connection to the healthcare law? because they certainly weren't blaming the
10:29 am
president. they were blaming the company. >> that's going to be a challenge for employers who see this as an opportunity to shift their costs on to the taxpayers. but the thing to understand here, and this is the reason why the president delayed the employer mandate, this thing is a train wreck. all those theoretical arguments we had about people paying more, losing their coverage, being forced to do something they didn't want to do is not theory anymore. and between now and november of 2014, people are going to lose the coverage they have. they are going to be forced to buy something they don't want. i think that's a real problem for anyone who supported obama care. >> shannon: do you think it will impact the 2014 interms. >> that's a philosophical argument do you believe the government should control your healthcare this is about economics. to quote former president clinton it's arithmetic this time. >> shannon: if anyone has a calculator out there. "wall street journal" piece anyone interested to seeing
10:30 am
how it works. more fallout from obama care. you may have heard this story as well. delta airlines is warning the obama administration that implementing the new healthcare law for them. they say it's going to cost the company nearly $100 million next year alone. delta executive robert kite wrote to the administration disputing the idea that big businesses won't be affected. among other things he points to the fact that one of the obama care requirements mandates young adults be covered on parents' plans until age 26. that's not free. a move that comes at annual cost of $14 million. according to kite. meanwhile, even president obama's base supporters are saying his administration has lost credibility in the wake of the nsa surveillance revelations. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the very latest on that front. >> the guardians editor says british authorities demanded former nsa contractor demanded edward snowden's material be provided with them or destroyed. hard drives storing material from snowden were
10:31 am
then destroyed under the supervision of british authorities according to the paper. but other copies exist. >> which they explicitly threatened us with prior restraint. they were going to go to the law to get all this material back and stop us writing about it. that's not something that would be possible in the the united states. >> the new nsa controversy plays out as president obama's traditional supporters on the left are openly criticizing his administration. >> i think the white house has lost credibility. >> and the aclu alleges that the nsa plays word games citing this intelligence document known as united states intelligence directive 18. collecting data apparently does not mean storing data in the traditional sense but rather retrieving and analyzing it. >> that's actually a bizarre definition to allow the nsa to really obscure what's going on even though they are saying all the right words publicly. >> this seems to be the definition the nation's intelligence chief relied on before next change before a senate committee. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on
10:32 am
millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not witnessingly. -- whitingly. there are cases when they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not whitingly. >> and the nsa director seemed to use a similar strategy in regards to a fox news investigation. >> we don't hold data on u.s. citizens. >> leaks under cut the president's own reassurances. >> what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. now part of the reason they are not abused is because checks are are in place. >> the white house spokesman says the priority balancing national security with american civil liberties. meaning the president open to additional measures that would inspire greater public confidence. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> shannon: a california
10:33 am
city is pushing a controversial solution aimed at helping homeowners upside down mortgages. illegal, unconstitutional and punish responsible. wildfire continues to burn its way into yosemite national park. dominic di-natale is there with an update. dominic. >> shannon, this is proving to be one of the most historic wildfires in california history. getting so big now it's threatening power and water supplies of the city of san francisco. all of that right after the break. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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>> shannon: hanna anderson attended a memorial service for her mother and 8-year-old brother in california saturday. kristina and ethan anderson's bodies were found at the burned down home of james d. dimagio. he was killed by fbi agents august 10th in idaho wilderness six days after abducting 16-year-old hannah. investigators have declined to discuss a possible motive.
10:38 am
firefighters in california have their hands full with the wildfire that's grown to the size of the entire city of chicago. and now some of nature's oldest and most precious treasures are being threatened. a giant sequoia trees that date back to centuries. dominic di-natale joins us. >> hi there, shannon. those sequoia are some of the oldest living things on this planet. can you see why the wiforts really want to protect that two groves in total. only about 15 trees. these trees are actually iconic. they are iconic in terms of presentation of what really the u.s. national park system is all about. and so you have got dozens of firefighters trying to protect the brush around those areas. the sequoyah themselves have natural fire retardant built into the bark. so much debris around it to catch fire they want to make sure that the precious gems are absolutely saved. yesterday we went out to the -- it was the duck wall mountain area which is not too far really from where
10:39 am
the sequoias are just to see what the fire was doing. doing incredible crowning effect which is where the entire tree just entirety flames come off the top. roll back down to the ground. some 60 feet back down to the ground and rush through the brush that is lying on the forest floor. that's what makes this fire difficult to deal with and makes it extremely dangerous for the firefighters to tackle. nearby that is the heaven heaveny reservoir dam. what's going on there is a big fire about 11,000 acres surrounding that area. that dam supplies about 85% of san francisco's water and also its electricity. and so the water lines and the power lines need to be protected there. and firefighters say they are under immense pressure to protect this critical infrastructure. >> brakes around it and put crews out there like we would protect the community. that's a vital source to the city of san francisco. we make sure we have containment library,
10:40 am
bulldozer line and engines and hose lines around that area. >> how far do you think it's secured right now? >> right now it's secure but, again, mother nature plays a major role what's going to happen up there today. >> yeah. and they don't know mother nature is going to do today. they are expecting some fierce winds to come in. they have been preparing for two days for those winds to strike at absolutely any time. because the weather is so unstable and unpredictable. they don't know when it will strike. they think today is going to be the worse day to fight against the elements. we will know as the day progresses but up there where the hetchy dam is they have had facilities taken down and 12 miles of power line taken off the grid due to the effect of the fire there protecting that crucial infrastructure and also down here in the city got 1600 homes that need protecting. resources 4,000 firefighters trying to stretching their resources across this area and protect all that. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: dominic, thank you very much.
10:41 am
state firefighters couldn't get any help from the weather. we are going to check in with meteorologist janice dean in the fox weather center. hello, janice. >> hello, shannon. dominic was right. we do have the the potential for very gusty winds this afternoon anywhere from 25 to 40 miles per hour in those canyons that could funnel down and create more of a wildfire danger for those hundreds of firemen. hats off to them who are protecting life and property. taking a look at the satellite radar imagery. we actually have moisture to the north and moisture to the south. not getting into this area at all. it's going to remain dry and warm and those gusty winds are going to continue throughout the afternoon. tomorrow and through the new workweek, the winds will die down considerably. but one of the factors here is we have got incredible drought across the west. not only yosemite fire with you over 50 fires burning in several different states. we have had all of this moisture from the pacific and we were helping hoping to get a little bit of that moisture into yosemite to help those firefighters, unfortunately, shannon,
10:42 am
it's going to move eastward and southward and bring some much needed rain to the southwest but not in the area that really need it, unfortunately. back to you. >> shannon: all right. i had something a little bit more positive in the first alert forecast which is this fabulous new book. freddie the first alert forecaster by our one and only janice dean. so many life lessons in there a great story. and it comes out this week. >> it comes out tomorrow. we're going to have a big launch party on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning. tune in and shannon, have you been so wonderful. what a great support and i know you have read freddie and you are a fan of the frog caster. >> i'm a fan of freddy and of janice. good luck tomorrow. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: city cooked up unconstitutional plan help homeowners whose mortgages are under water. banks say it's not legal. the battle over using imminent domain to manipulate the housing
10:43 am
market next. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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>> shannon: the panda that gave birth to a newborn on friday gave birth to a stillborn cub. she gave birth to the second cub saturday evening but the stillborn was not fully formed and never
10:47 am
alive. necropsy is underway. all right, one city has come up with with controversial plan to help homeowners are upside down in their mortgages. it sounds good. some say it's actually going to do more harm than good. all happening in the city of richmond, california, that's where leaders want to use imminent domain to take homes that are now less than their market values and sell them back at owners cheaper price. where does the debt go and what is the ripple effect? the next guest says taxpayer and responsible homeowners could suffer and plan could be illegal. professor of law george washington university democracy political ignorance comes out next month. he joins us live. good to he so you today. >> thank you very much for having me. >> shannon: the leaders there say estimates 40% of the homes there could be 40% under water. they have got to do something. any time you use elm domain to take away private property there are complications. >> used to benefit powerful special interest at the expense of poor people, for
10:48 am
example, in the case the supreme court decided in 2005 the idea is that the town would benefit economically by helping a powerful corporation fizner reality a number of people lost their homes and properties and millions of dollars were spent but so far to build nothing except for some land where cats are making use of it. >> shannon: that did not turn out as planned there are concerns about how this could work as well there are banks who have now filed lawsuits saying it's going to hurt them. what are they going to do with writing off this debt if those homes are sold back for less than they are originally worth and not even worth market value. that may cause them to think twice about lending in that area and also jack up the rate for people this they do decide to lend there. >> the condemn mortgages and keep some of the value of the mortgage for the city and transfer most of it to it the homeowners who owned the houses, the difficulty, of course,
10:49 am
actually several difficulties but one is that if there is a risk in -- city that imminent eminent domain will be used home values decline lenders will ever choose not to lend in this area or choose only to lend at higher interest rates to make up for the risk of being condemned and either way future home purchasers in the area will suffer. possibly the economy will suffer as well. there is a second big problem here, which is a legal problem but also a moral problem. they proposed to pay the people who owned these mortgages only 80% of the currently assessed value of the house, which is often far less than the value of the money remaining on the mortgage. but even if you just go by the value of the house and forget about the mortgage, 80% is a lot less than 100%. and the supreme court says that if you condemn property, the government has to give you fair market value, which is what the property would sell for if it were put up on the open
10:50 am
market and sort of fairly simple math says that 80% is a lot less than 100%. when this is fought out in court, i don't think it's likely that the city is going to do well. >> shannon: yeah, the whole effect of people and banks refusing to lend there making a lot higher could end up making home ownership go down there anyway. so there is a lot to watch here. we will will follow the legal battle. thank you so much and good luck with the book. >> thank you so much. >> high end sushi restaurant in new york no longer accepts tips. menu prices have been increased 15% instead. that's raising questions over whether some other eateries may do the same. chris o'connell has more. >> chris has been shaking martinis in center city for 15 years and makes good money. most of his income comes from tips, not his $3 an hour salary. >> you give good service and you have repeat customers you can make yourself a very good living. >> think of this. what if those tips disappeared?
10:51 am
>> i don't think it would fly in america. >> not so fast, some new york and california eateries are joining in on a new practice of eliminating tips. instead, adding 18% to every bill. or owners are raising prices on the menu. in return, servers get a straight salary. anywhere from 15 to $30 an hour. diners we spoke with like the idea. >> i don't want to have to deal with a tip at the end. i want it built in like everything else i buy. there is no tip when i go out and bay printer or computer or else like that. i want to have it built into the price as long as the money went to the people the way it should i think that's fine. >> restaurants that are banned tipping reports customers are happier. business servers make more money. if you are being paid a signature is can't amount of money that would make you want to work harder. >> no tipping is a hard sell to chris bran none who comes home with cash in his pocket every night. >> i wouldn't be happy about it. >> why not? >> i believe you work on
10:52 am
your service. your customer appreciates you. and that's where your gratuity comes in. >> that was chris o'connell. when it comes to small businesses, the new study shows many of them like to do things the old fashioned way. according to yodel, less than half of the small business owners surveyed said they use technology to book ach pointments and scheduling. more than half of them don't even have a web site for their business. well, he must have been sure she would say yes, how a man's marriage proposal in tampa turned a flash mob on to a shopping mall with 200 of his closest friends. that story you won't want to miss the video. plus your tweets next. and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. too small.
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>> shannon: shoppers at international plaza had a front row seat to a proposal. check it out. >> i can't believe. i love this man and i'm in shock. >> shannon: he set up a flash mob of more than 200 people dancing to the bruno mars hit marry you as he popped the question and engagement ring to mary port arer and as you saw there she said yes. attacks on coptic churches in egypt blame christians for former president's mohammed morsi's overthrow some muslims and egyptians here in the u.s. are trying to send a different message one of peace and tolerance.
10:57 am
brian has the story. >> the -- how would we live together in peace? we don't pretend. we don't do it. it comes naturally. >> coptic christian reverend david has lived in jersey city for the last 27 years. >> you haven't friendly relationship with our brothers, muslim. they come into our. we go to ramadan. >> but attacks on more than 40 coptic christian churches and deaths of nearly 1,000 egyptians strain the community. >> there has been a lot of agony and people -- praying. >> praying for people like coptic christians, two of his cousins were murdered this week. >> each of them shot in the head. directly in the head. >> is he -- seleb is angry. tensions erupted other egyptian immigrants refuse to give in. >> the church is -- what we
10:58 am
need is the real justice taking place. the real democracy taking place. the real freedom taking place. >> the muslim brotherhood is not -- [inaudible] they -- when these muslim brotherhood they come and try to defend the. >> ahmed hopes jersey city can inspire egypt to continue rallying for democracy. >> we want to give example to everybody. how the egyptian community live in america and how they exist with each other. how they understand each other. >> shannon: that was brian reporting. we love hearing from you at home. we asked you since congress is home august recess we want to know if they have been visiting with their constituents or not. we asked you did your member or senator have a town hall meeting and if so did you attend? what happened? if not, did you complain? cornyn held no town hall. we had him live on the show
10:59 am
he said this are tele town halls easier way to reach people in texas. patricia no town halls in california senators. robert writes or ignores us. repher viewer says my and one senator has. some of you told us going and not giving the answers you wanted but at least there were some town pal halls there is a-million-dollar lotto winner out there in new york city. the owner of the power ball winning ticket has not come forward. the ticket was sold play land ticket in new york. no one claims the prize, the money will go back into the lottery prize pool to be claimed by future winner. check your tickets. that's it for us here in washington. fund is up "fox news sunday" is next. you won't want to miss their discussion. i'm shannon bream thanks so much for watching fox news where we remain proud and
11:00 am
fearless. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. claims gas attack one year after president obama issued this warning. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> chris: the u.n. calls for an investigation while the obama administration hedges about its response. >> i'm not talking about red lines. i'm not having a debate or conversation about red lines. >> chris: we will ask two key lawmakers republican senator bob corker and democratic congressman elliott angle what the u.s. should do in syria.